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Inviting all women, in particular my Black sisters, to take up space and just be. An invitation to talk about what we think about, but rarely speak about. Conversations about spirituality, relationships, the “ism’s,” sex, mental wellbeing, secrets and feelings that we stuffed. We will celebrate! You will laugh, cry, be pissed, disagree, and begin to count yourself in where you’ve been counted out. Lisa Lackey, therapist, consultant and chief conversation starter and her guests will challenge you to keep the conversation going.

Think of Insideout Conversations as brunch with your main girls right in the middle of the week.

Jun 15, 2022

Go get it, girl! Four little words can cause so much anxiety if you're unsure how to get started, where to go, and what "it" is. But before you get caught up in the questions, I invite you to take a moment and breathe in lessons from our circles of strength. 

I've witnessed that, as Black women, we move through these circles throughout our lives, days, and relationships. I guide participants through four circles of strength in my workshops. Some of the steps are interconnected and dependent upon each other. All require a commitment to regular check-ins so that we can stay in touch with who we are, where we are, and how we are. 

Review. Release. Receive. Return. These four circles of strength inspire and encourage your progress while upholding your promise. Maybe even informing your complete pivot. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. At this moment, we're breathing in the first lesson: review.  

To review means to look again. Go look, go review your life and see what you left behind. What you may have thought was lost. What you may have thought was forgotten, stolen, destroyed. To be clear, we're not hustling backwards. Your review is a thorough corner-clearing, a life check-in that fuels forward movement. 

Why review? We learn many lessons, more than we can consciously remember. Even if you can't consciously recall those teachings, your body and brain remember everything. If you allow your body and your mind and your spirit to guide you to where in your life you need a review, you'll find all kinds of affirming, empowering answers.

Go get it, girl!

Review - Here's How:

  • Inquire. What am I missing? What is it today that I'm looking for or that I think needs replacing? A lost passion? A forgotten plan? An old friendship?
  • Get into the habit. Review is not a one-and-done assignment; it's a practice.
  • Identify. Who are in my circles of strength? Where can I participate in community? How can I support other Black women in their healing?

If this conversation has brought you to an insight, a story, a sense of relief, please email me at and let me know.

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