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Inviting all women, in particular my Black sisters, to take up space and just be. An invitation to talk about what we think about, but rarely speak about. Conversations about spirituality, relationships, the “ism’s,” sex, mental wellbeing, secrets and feelings that we stuffed. We will celebrate! You will laugh, cry, be pissed, disagree, and begin to count yourself in where you’ve been counted out. Lisa Lackey, therapist, consultant and chief conversation starter and her guests will challenge you to keep the conversation going.

Think of Insideout Conversations as brunch with your main girls right in the middle of the week.

Nov 25, 2020

Continuing our series on black women, racism, and trauma, I want to talk about tears.

For some reason, years and years ago, I became interested in tears -- not just what they were chemically made of, but also the conceptions and misconceptions and what causes them, what silences them, what dries them up, what allows them to flow.

And so I thought about the tears of black women and how much those tears were measured over the years. By measured, I mean, where they were stopped before they were completed -- simply because there was no time, simply because the next thing was calling, simply because there was another impact of trauma that called for a different response.

I wonder how many tears are locked up in our eyes and in our bodies, in the very soul of who we are. I wonder how many leftover tears we have from our mothers, our grandmothers, our great grandmothers, our great, great grandmothers, and ancestors as far back as time.

I wonder if the tears that we haven’t cried could fill every body of water that we know of throughout the world. Probably more, probably more...


I invite you to come on in and join the conversation. If this conversation has brought you to an insight, a story, a suggestion, please email me at

In your subject put “tears” so that I know to give special attention to that email.

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy it with your family. Be safe. Don’t take unnecessary risks. Be creative so that we can do our part in coming together again.



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