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Deep conversations about life, relationships, and recovery. In this personal storytelling podcast, licensed professional clinician, transformational speaker, and conversation starter, Lisa Lackey, shows you how to take the front seat in your life, to step out where you’ve been hesitant, and to move forward in being all that you and others have told you that you can’t be.

All you have to do is be willing to show up in your own life the best you can, and come on in to join the conversation.

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Nov 11, 2020

There are traumas that everyone recognizes. If you're in a house fire, you are aware of all that it took to escape that house fire. If there were major damages, or losses of people or animals, you know that that was a traumatic event.

Another traumatic event is feeling different, feeling like your difference isn't seen, heard, respected or understood -- and in that difference feeling as though you don't fit in and experiencing, for example, an internalized loneliness.

So many of my experiences as a black woman and as a black child -- there was always either a spotlight on me or no light at all. And that left me not feeling that in public, my difference was a good thing. 

What I also found out is that even if I had the care and love of family, once I went beyond those doors and further and further into life, often, those good and true and solid messages got drowned out by the louder voices of some message that my blackness was less than not important, as not necessarily taken seriously, or the opposite -- seen as different, meaning “not like the other black people” that they've met.

As a teacher, I know the impact of trauma on our opportunity to live the life we have on our vision board or in our minds. And I know that trauma can be healed.

In this episode, I’m starting a conversation with you about black women, racism and trauma to remind us of things that we’ve forgotten and to create space to share our experiences, strength and hope.

I invite you to come on in and join the conversation.


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