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Deep conversations about life, relationships, and recovery. In this personal storytelling podcast, licensed professional clinician, transformational speaker, and conversation starter, Lisa Lackey, shows you how to take the front seat in your life, to step out where you’ve been hesitant, and to move forward in being all that you and others have told you that you can’t be.

All you have to do is be willing to show up in your own life the best you can, and come on in to join the conversation.

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Jul 29, 2020

I had the honor to join trauma expert, author and clinician, Dierdre Fay on her YouTube channel where she invited me to talk about the traumatic impact of racism.

In this episode, you will hear some of my own experiences, some of the experiences of family members, some history, some hopes, and some challenges.

While I agree 100% that policies, procedures, legislation -- all kinds of renewing needs to happen in our systems and around our systems, that we need to dismantle systems and to grow new systems, I believe that that is almost secondary.

And what is primary is reaching the heart of people who have continued to turn a blind eye consciously and unconsciously. We need a soul revival, a place where hearts are renewed and transformed. That I believe is the greater work and the hardest work.

However, I am extremely hopeful.  So take a listen, I hope you'll resonate.


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