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Inviting all women, in particular my Black sisters, to take up space and just be. An invitation to talk about what we think about, but rarely speak about. Conversations about spirituality, relationships, the “ism’s,” sex, mental wellbeing, secrets and feelings that we stuffed. We will celebrate! You will laugh, cry, be pissed, disagree, and begin to count yourself in where you’ve been counted out. Lisa Lackey, therapist, consultant and chief conversation starter and her guests will challenge you to keep the conversation going.

Think of Insideout Conversations as brunch with your main girls right in the middle of the week.

Jun 30, 2020

Insideout Conversations has a renewed purpose! My husband and business partner Steve Lackey and I want to really focus the conversations around healing and healing through empathy. And for right now, we're really looking at empathy as it relates to racism and all the things that are going on around it. So we're hoping to invite you into our conversation.

Conversations can be a place of learning and growing and stretching. Conversations can be uncomfortable and messy. But what we know is that if we don't have them, then we'll remain stuck with all the things that make up our assumptions. And what brought us here has kept us here in so many ways.

White people have asked over & over, "How do we support the movement?"

Our response has been formatted into a 5 module course that addresses this question. The answer: be willing to learn EMPATHY.

Yes, empathy can be taught to hearts willing to be broken open by the felt experience of black people. 

Racism is multi-layered. Unless there is a willingness to really see African American people, the system will live in hearts even if laws are changed. 

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Returning to "normal" is delusional. That path is quickly evaporating. Who will you be? How will you live? What needs to change in you? What is your hope? TOGETHER IN EMPATHY WE HEAL.


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