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Deep conversations about life, relationships, and recovery. In this personal storytelling podcast, licensed professional clinician, transformational speaker, and conversation starter, Lisa Lackey, shows you how to take the front seat in your life, to step out where you’ve been hesitant, and to move forward in being all that you and others have told you that you can’t be.

All you have to do is be willing to show up in your own life the best you can, and come on in to join the conversation.

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May 21, 2020

Have you ever met people and their energy just makes you feel better, even if you already feel good? My guests today are Dr. Martha Linn and D Anthony Evans, they are two that have that life giving energy. Their lives are full and their own medical crisis led them down a path of healing that they now share with others as they pursue health. 

In this show you will be encouraged, experience hope, you will get some great information about positivity, food as medicine and the connection of emotional and physical health.

Dr. Linn says, even though she was eating healthy and exercising regularly her thought patterns were negative and incongruent with the lifestyle she was working toward. She said “ I was really kind to everybody on the outerworld, and very hard on me, on the inner world. My pattern of thought is based on my belief that I'mnot good enough. My internal thoughts were like a yelling Drill Sergeant.” At this point Dr. Linn began addressing these negative thoughts, by replacing them with meditation and affirmations. 

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D Anthony Evans refused to accept this rare form of cancer would only allow him six months to live. Health issues were not new for D, from the time he was 6 years old he dealt with a rare condition and was constantly in pain. With the cancer diagnosis, came information regarding all of the options for living for 6 months. D Anthony Evans chose another option, based on his determination to live. That option is what he continues to practice every single day. That option is what he calls Train To Live. To this day D lives by his commitment to himself and the agreement he has with God. He shares his gratitude for life by speaking to people all over the world, as a motivational speaker, he represents the American Cancer Society, and trains adults and children to live!

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