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Inviting all women, in particular my Black sisters, to take up space and just be. An invitation to talk about what we think about, but rarely speak about. Conversations about spirituality, relationships, the “ism’s,” sex, mental wellbeing, secrets and feelings that we stuffed. We will celebrate! You will laugh, cry, be pissed, disagree, and begin to count yourself in where you’ve been counted out. Lisa Lackey, therapist, consultant and chief conversation starter and her guests will challenge you to keep the conversation going.

Think of Insideout Conversations as brunch with your main girls right in the middle of the week.

Dec 4, 2019

When you experience being betrayed it is devastating. When that betrayal comes from an intimate partner, your life is changed forever.

These changes impact emotional, psychological, spiritual, existential, physical and relational stability. In fact, intimate betrayal is traumatic. It  makes you feel like you are losing your mind. It robs you of your sense of security and puts you in a state of turbulence. Suddenly, everything you thought you knew, is now questioned, reality is altered.

Your brain begins to be on constant alert. This traumatic disruption, causes extreme hyper-vigilance, restlessness, anxiety, and a sense of being on guard. This alters your ability to regulate your mood, to calm yourself, to think, to reason, and to make intelligent decisions. Your brain is hijacked with fear and daily tasks become almost impossible. 

Research has shown that with the help of a trained professional the healing process usually takes between 18 months to 3 years. The healing period increases, with multiple betrayals and in long term relationships.

This is an incredibly lonely and isolating experience. For this reason, it is my privilege to provide professional insight, encouragement and resources, so that you don’t have to feel as alone.

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