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Inviting all women, in particular my Black sisters, to take up space and just be. An invitation to talk about what we think about, but rarely speak about. Conversations about spirituality, relationships, the “ism’s,” sex, mental wellbeing, secrets and feelings that we stuffed. We will celebrate! You will laugh, cry, be pissed, disagree, and begin to count yourself in where you’ve been counted out. Lisa Lackey, therapist, consultant and chief conversation starter and her guests will challenge you to keep the conversation going.

Think of Insideout Conversations as brunch with your main girls right in the middle of the week.

Aug 14, 2019

Let's make a connection right now! Reach out an let me know how this episode resonates with you. Email me:


We want the same thing

Most of us are seeking happiness, love, peace, joy… and let’s not forget freedom from the internal turmoil that so often plagues us. 


When we can’t get what we need our hearts hurt 

The heart, both physical and figurative, bears the burden of our emotional traumas and everyday stressors.  What occurs in our emotional world most certainly affects and often manifests itself in our physical body.


The painful cost of disconnection

Many of us are suffering the pain of disconnection from our hearts. This disconnection often maintains emotional pain, eating disorders and other addictive processes. 


The benefit of reconnecting 

Reconnecting with the heart, with our authentic inner nature and capacity for love, may be the doorway to what we are truly seeking.

The heart is relationship-centered and attention to it opens space for healing- with yourself and others.


Connection is a journey

Let’s take a little journey to discover more about the heart and what reconnection with it means in our daily lives. 

Reconnecting with the heart at a deeper level assumes that there has been a disconnection somewhere along the way.

It is my bias that most of us go through life struggling to both BE connected and STAY connected to our hearts, to what we love, to our vulnerability, and to what moves us.

We experience pressure from outside to be something we aren’t.

We live fast paced lifestyles and function from our heads, neglecting the language of the heart.

We overuse our minds and underuse our hearts.

We want instant change and we don’t want to deal with discomfort.


Symptoms of disconnection

Feeling disconnected from life or like you can’t connect with others.

Feeling a lack of wholeness or that some part of you is missing or inaccessible.

Feeling low self-worth or insecurity.

Feeling stuck, unable to make changes or not knowing what changes to make.

Feeling a sense of numbness or disconnection from your own body.

Feeling drawn to a relationship that has been unhealthy for you.

Feeling urges to engage in non-life sustaining behaviors.


4 Options to begin a re-connecting process


  • Connect back to your body with physical activity.


Dance, walk, yoga, exercise, ride a bike,    swing your legs, just move.


  • Go outside and soak up the beauty of nature.


Look around very slowly from one side to the other and find 6 things that you see.


  • Be mindful and present to the moment.


If you’re taking a shower, notice the feeling of the water on your skin, the smell of the soap, the texture of your wash cloth, your feet on the ground.


  • Feel what you feel.


If you’re feeling the discomfort of anxiety, gently place your hand on the part of your body that feels the anxiety. If that feeling could speak, what would it say?

Let's make a connection right now!

Reach out an let me know how this episode resonates with you.

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