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Deep conversations about life, relationships, and recovery. In this personal storytelling podcast, licensed professional clinician, transformational speaker, and conversation starter, Lisa Lackey, shows you how to take the front seat in your life, to step out where you’ve been hesitant, and to move forward in being all that you and others have told you that you can’t be.

All you have to do is be willing to show up in your own life the best you can, and come on in to join the conversation.

Learn more about Lisa and her clinical practice at Insideout Living.

Mar 27, 2019

All I could see was darkness all around me. In fact my eyes were adjusting to the darkness, so much so, I forgot it was dark. But, this sliver of light was just noticeable enough to spark curiosity.  Where was it coming from? I looked all around. I couldn’t locate the source. And then… I realized that the sliver of light was coming from within me.

Today I share how to navigate the dark places in your life. Inevitably, we will face change in our lives and often change is painful, especially when we do not know the outcome of change. 

In this episode, I discuss:

  • How to hold onto hope, while in darkness.
  • The signs of light in dark places.
  • The only way to exit darkness.

For this week:

Share an experience with someone about a time when you were able to see the signs of light while you were in a dark place.


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